Four Rights Bootcamp

Four Rights Bootcamp for Shelters

Maddie’s® Million Pet Challenge and the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program team of experts bring you a brand new Bootcamp with updated strategies (and sanity) for shelter leaders. This immersive course is designed to level up your organization in less than 2 months. 

The time is now. Like, right now. Learning how to quit crisis mode, embrace your capacity, and create space for lasting change is the core of Four Rights Bootcamp. Our evidence-based recommendations come paired with the resources you need to take immediate, actionable steps. Our team of industry experts guides you through the change-making process with the support of your peers every step of the way. We’re doing it live, we’re doing it together, and we’re doing it now. 

Seats are limited. Four Rights Bootcamp sessions open throughout the year. You can join the waiting list for the next cohort.

Exploration, definition, and implementation: A shelter transformation journey in six action-packed weeks.

Week 1

Renew your purpose.

Why shelter? What role does your shelter play in your community? Aligning your intentions with your actions.

Deep work: Is your organizational culture primed for change?

Week 2

Right Place

Crystalize your intake philosophy. Where will this animal receive the best care right now? Where does this animal belong ultimately? Expand your community’s capacity through foster care and return to home initiatives.

Week 3

Right Time

Intake with intention. We can provide care to every animal that needs it, but we can’t provide it all at once. Balance intake with your ability to provide positive outcomes and outstanding customer service.

Week 4

Right Care

Animals deserve a care plan that meets their needs and supports well-being. Care within the shelter can maintain the Five Freedoms of animal welfare/Fear Free sheltering, while community members can be empowered and supported to ensure the same level of care for animals at risk in the community.

Week 5

Right Outcome

Outcomes are not one-size-fits-all! Every animal deserves the outcome that’s right for them and every shelter deserves to have the right tools for the job.

Week 6

Roadmap to Change

Theory of change. Map your destination, engage your stakeholders and lead the transformation.

Deep work: Work with change coaches to plan priorities and align your team for what comes next.

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