Portal Install: Step-By-Step to Better Housing!

Cindi Delany, DVM · December 21, 2020

Ready to install your portals? 

Congratulations on taking the portal plunge! You’re about to embark on a journey that will transform your shelter and drastically improve the welfare of the cats in your care. 

We know cutting holes in your cage banks can sound intimidating, but don’t worry: We’ve got you covered. Inside these pages you’ll find step by step instructions to get the job done.

We’ve made learning how to install portals as easy as 1-2-3-4. 

In addition to the four easy steps of portal installation broken down into bite-sized videos, you’ll also find:

  • A quick overview of the tools you’ll need to install and the parts you’ll be sent with your portal. 
  •  Supplemental material on cage set-up, cage cleaning, research related to benefits of portals and much more!

Don’t let portal installation stand in the way of good housing!

Enroll in this mini-course using the “Take This Course” button on the upper right and scroll to the bottom of this page to jump right in.

Haven't ordered your portals yet?

Inside this learning module you'll find research papers and webinars highlighting the benefits of portals. But truly, if we could offer our most sincere advice, skip right on over to Shor-line, place your order, and get back over here. Use the time you've set aside to research portals to start diving into this installation module. In two decades of doing this work, we've never heard of a single shelter that looked back after taking the portal plunge. Don't let portalizing your shelter be the best thing you never did for your cats!

Beyond the nuts and bolts: Everything you need to know about your new digs.

After you've upscaled all your studio apartments into one-bedrooms, check out our bonus materials section for tips on cage setup and DIY housing accessories that'll help your cats thrive in their new homes.  You'll find comprehensive cage cleaning videos as well as tips on installing portals up to down, multi-cage configurations, and in between cages that are extra narrow. (Warning: Portals are addicting.)

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