Part 2 – Spay/Neuter and Other Surgery During COVID-19 – Re-Opening Considerations and Process

Cindi Delany, DVM · May 3, 2020

As areas of the United States and other regions around the world contemplate and then begin the process of returning to a new normal, each shelter, clinic and rescue will need to decide when and if they are ready to return to providing some services that were affected by the pandemic.

We’ll each need to consider how we can continue to reduce resource use, workload, and the potential for human exposure while deciding which services we can contemplate beginning to offer again.

This will be an ongoing process, anticipated to continue for some time. As operations resume we’ll need to re-assess these areas routinely to make the best use of current available resources while emphasizing human and animal health and safety.

This course utilizes resources developed by a group of veterinarians and clinic experts to help guide the industry on spay/neuter and wellness clinics can begin to prepare for re-opening when the time is appropriate for this for each of us.

  • Staff and Public Safety Considerations During COVID-19
  • Clinic Operations Considerations
  • Surgery and Anesthesia Considerations
  • Client Communications

For additional information on related topics please see our original “course” on – “Part 1 – Spay/Neuter and Other Surgery During COVID-19 – for Areas Under Strict Distancing/PPE Rationing”

  • Conservation of PPE
  • Human health and safety considerations
  • Animal health and safety considerations
  • Alternatives to surgical sterilization
  • Resources for people living with intact animals
  • How and when to return to “normal” or a new normal (we’ll add information as the situation develops, acknowledging that different areas will be in different stages of recovery over time).

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Cindi Delany, DVM

Shelter Veterinarian and ShelterMedPortal Webmaster - UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program Executive Director – California Animal Shelter Friends, Inc. Woodland, California Dr. Delany graduated from UCLA with a degree in Business/Economics and from UC Davis with her DVM in 2000. She has worked as an animal shelter, high volume spay/neuter and emergency veterinarian for the past 20 years. She worked for the UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program initially based out of the Sacramento County shelter and then based out of Yolo County Animal Services (YCAS) for 8 years. At YCAS she implemented many lifesaving programs to help increase their live release rate from 50% to over 90%. In addition to her work at YCAS, Dr. Delany has helped other shelters with population management, implementing new life-saving programs, shelter software use, data analysis, reporting, and statistics. She also runs a private, non-profit rescue group that rescues sick, injured and newborn animals. Dr. Delany enjoys training and competing with her dogs in agility and other dog sports. She is also Karen Pryor Academy Certified Animal Trainer and an advocate of positive reinforcement-based training of all animals and uses these techniques successfully with her own dogs, cats, draft horse, miniature donkeys, and Bactrian camels.

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