Spay/Neuter and Other Surgery During COVID-19 – for Areas Under Strict Distancing/PPE Rationing

Cindi Delany, DVM · March 31, 2020

Given the current pandemic, in an effort to reduce resource use, workload, and the potential for human exposure, shelters and spay-neuter clinics should make decisions about which spay-neuter surgeries and other procedures are non-emergency procedures and discontinue those that could be deferred. As operations resume we’ll need to re-assess these areas routinely to make the best use of current resources while emphasizing human and animal health and safety.

In this course we’ll cover current recommendations regarding:

  • Conservation of PPE
  • Human health and safety considerations
  • Animal health and safety considerations
  • Alternatives to surgical sterilization
  • Resources for people living with intact animals
  • How and when to return to “normal” or a new normal (we’ll add information as the situation develops, acknowledging that different areas will be in different stages of recovery over time).
  • We’ll be creating and adding to an additional “course” on the Re-Opening Process as the situation develops.

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  • 18 Lessons
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