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Legal Meets Best Practices: Translating California regulations into best practices that benefit you, your shelter, and the people and animals in your community.

Join us in this two-part series as we embark on a fun, interactive journey to demystify California’s legal landscape and discover how California laws and regulations can work in harmony with shelter policy to reduce unnecessary intakes and shorten shelter stays.   Webinar recordings are available on-demand at Maddie’s&reg University.

In this series, we will cut through the legalese, distill key takeaways, and provide you with practical, “what does this mean for me and my work?” guidance. If your shelter squad only ever attends one webinar series about how legal guidelines can be used to your advantage let this be the one!

At the end of this series, you’ll understand how California laws and regulations should impact and inform best practices in how your shelter approaches critical areas including: 

  • Improving Community Cat Programs
  • Getting lost animals home fast
  • Focusing intake on the neediest animals
  • Knowing intake & holding period requirements
  • Knowing who can do what in the shelter

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This webinar is brought to you by the Maddie’s Million Pet Challenge Learniverse at the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, San Francisco SPCA’s Shelter PALS program, and CalAnimals.

By sharing our diverse expertise and working together to find the intersections where California law impacts animal shelters, we’ve formulated holistic shelter practices that allow you to better leverage the law.

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Watch On Demand at Maddie's University

Both webinars will be recorded and available on-demand after the live events.