Level Up Your Cat Housing:
Game-Changing Upgrades Are Within Reach

Discover innovative, proven strategies to transform your feline housing and get cats purring! With this webinar, you’ll be prepared to level up your shelter’s housing even with limited resources. UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program veterinarians Dr. Becky Stuntebeck and Dr. Denae Wagner will unveil tips and tactics for creating environments that work better for cats and for your team. From DIY cozy nooks to interactive play zones and portals, you’ll learn the how-tos of housing that puts cats at ease, supports animal health and staff safety, and encourages adoptions. You’ll also discover keys to supercharging cat care and overall welfare regardless of housing.

Don’t wait – get all the info you need to get ahead while cat population numbers are lower. Watch this webinar recording and take the self-paced course version so that you can revolutionize cat housing and care in your shelter!

BONUS – We also have a full “Portal Installation Step-By-Step” module in that same course.  Now is a great time to install portals in ALL of your cages.

You’ll learn:

  • How to improve your cat housing
  • Setup & strategies that meet cat, staff, & shelter needs
  • Double-compartment housing benefits for cats & staff
  • How to install portals in your existing cages to create double-sided housing.

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Watch On Demand at Maddie's University

The webinar was recorded and is available on-demand now as well as a self-paced course version and “Portal Install Step-By-Step” module.