Population Management and Daily Rounds Bootcamp

  • Doing daily population management rounds but wish they were more efficient and productive?
  • Doing some population management rounds but not every day?
  • Not doing population management rounds at all?
No matter where you’re at today, this Bootcamp will get you to efficient and effective daily population management rounds in just six weeks! The impact on your team and your work will be big: You’ll improve animal health and welfare, increase the number of animals and people you can help, and decrease staff workload and burnout, length of stay, and the number of animals waiting in your shelter.
Alongside your peers, you’ll master the why, how, when, where, and what of implementing and performing rockstar daily rounds. We’ll spend two weeks covering the nuts and bolts, then two weeks putting them into action, with team check-ins and coach feedback. In the final two weeks, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot your systems and make your daily population management rounds sustainable long-term—even when you’re short-staffed or nearing (or even over) capacity.
Get your team on board and turn your population rounds into a well-oiled machine that boosts the well-being of animals and people!

What to Expect:

  • Content presented online, on-demand, on an easy to use platform. Review material on your schedule, on whatever device works for you.
  • Support and real-world advice from your peers: You’ll work with and learn from fellow Bootcampers at other shelters who are experiencing—and solving for—some of the same challenges you are.
  • Live, interactive Zoom meetings with your Bootcamp cohort and coach, Dr. Cindi Delany.
  • Real-time implementation of population management rounds with troubleshooting as you go, and real results: Dr. Delany has established successful and sustainable rounds at many shelters, decreasing average length of stay by 50% or more and average on-site animal inventory by 50% or more, while increasing live releases and animals helped—yes, it can be done!
  • Ongoing dialogue and exploration of concepts and challenges through a private, Bootcamper-only discussion forum on Maddie’s Pet Forum.
  • Post-Bootcamp support and follow-up with your coach and fellow Bootcampers.

The Commitment:

  • #ThanksToMaddie, Population Management Bootcamp is free to all participants!
  • You’ll be committing to a total of 6 weeks for Bootcamp, plus some additional follow-up after the course is over.
  • Expect to spend 2-4 hours/week on the online content, assignments and Zoom meeting.
  • Expect to actively perform daily population management rounds and keep track of how things are going as the course progresses.

Fall 2022 Session - Dates and Details:

  • The deadline to apply for Bootcamp WAS 8/8/22 – APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED FOR THIS SESSION
  • We can only enroll eight shelters this session to make sure everyone gets the personalized coaching we know can make a difference in your success. There will be a waitlist for future sessions.
  • Shelters will be selected and notified by 8/15/22.
  • You’ll need to identify your team*, submit their information, and complete onboarding by 8/26/22.
  • Bootcamp starts 9/6/22.
  • Bootcamp ends 10/14/22.

*Please be prepared to provide a list of 3–6 (or more) shelter participants and their email addresses within 48 hours of being accepted into Bootcamp.  Bootcamp participants should include the team that will be responsible for ensuring daily population management rounds happen in the future at your shelter, ideally with representation from management, operations, kennel, behavior, adoptions, and medical (some of these could be the same person depending on your shelter’s size and how you operate).

Future Sessions of Population Management and Daily Rounds Bootcamp

Interested in participating in Population Management and Daily Rounds Bootcamp future sessions?  

Submit an Interest Form now and we’ll email you with application info before the next session.