Telemedicine and Vaccine Clinics in California
What Shelters Need to Know About Legislative Updates for 2024

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Telemedicine and Vaccine Clinics in California
What Shelters Need to Know About Legislative Updates for 2024

We’ve got amazing news about access to care in animal shelters for 2024. Thanks to groundbreaking veterinary telemedicine and vaccine clinic legislation, your California shelter can ring in the new year with fewer restrictions around who can provide essential care and how, freeing up your team to more easily meet medical needs in the shelter or community.

Discover how your shelter can:

  • Empower RVTs to take charge of vaccine clinics (even if your vet is elsewhere)
  • Provide increased access to wellness care for pets in your community 
  • Use telemedicine to expand the veterinary care your shelter can provide, whether an animal is in foster or in the field, working with staff or contract veterinarians
  • Increase access to care for underserved pets and their people and decrease unnecessary intake
  • Use telemedicine to increase veterinary care for animals in the shelter 

This must-see webinar will set the stage for everything you do this year.

Register today and invite your field officers, veterinary staff and community partners, so you can turn the page to better care together!

Join our experts:

Bruce Wagman, Attorney
Lead Counsel
San Francisco SPCA
Shelter PALS Program

Cindi Delany, DVM

Director of Online Learning

Maddie’s® Million Pet Challenge

UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program

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By sharing our diverse expertise and working together to find the intersections where California law impacts animal shelters, we’ve formulated holistic shelter practices that allow you to better leverage the law.

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